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Nimitz Tech Support

Andy - (424) 242-4091 

On-Campus Help Desk – (323) 887-5494

Seahawk Technology


You are encouraged to join the following Schoology groups to stay informed and post tech issues if unable to connect with our tech support staff   

Nimitz Tech Support Schoology Group 

(Access Code: J35D-4MZ5-2QQFW)   

Nimitz Seahawks 2022

(Access Code: Coming Soon) 

Student Password Reset Instructions

  1. Type 
  2. Click on:

         ----> Student

         -----> Activate your account or reset your password

         -----> Scroll down and accept the terms

       3. Enter  District ID     _____________________

       4. Enter Birth Date          MM/DD/YYYY

       5. Enter Student PIN   _____________________

      6. Create Password      ____________________

      7. Confirm Password    ________________

       8. Submit