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Cursos P.I.Q.E (Jueves 2/22 8:30am o 5:30pm

El Currículum que se estudiará incluye:

· Apoyando el Desempeñ o Académico de los Adolescentes a través de sus cambios.

· Conectando el Éxito Académico y la Autoestima Positiva

· Superando los Obstácul ...more

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Parent Center

We welcome you to the Parent Center and you may find us in the main building upon entering our School.

Parent Resource Liaison: Vicky Flores
Our operating hours are 7:30am- 3:30pm Monday-Friday
Our mission at the parent center is to make a difference in our community by offering classes which provides parents with the necessary tools to assist their children toward meeting higher educational goals.

The parent center works with different organizations, like PIQE, Families in Schools, LA County Mental Services and other programs available through the district and the community.

We encourage and support the Nimitz Middle School staff and provide assistance with school activities. We have a dedicated group of parent volunteers through out the school year that provide the necessary support to keep the center open and meet its goals.

The center provides assistance for dress code violations by providing clean accessible clothing for student with dress code violations.

We hope to see more parents visiting the parent center so that we may present you with all the educational services available to you, your children, and your family.


Cursos para Padres

Chester W. Nimitz Middle School

Clases para Padres


Ingles como Segundo Idioma (ESL)


Este curso está diseñada para estudiantes con población limitada en inglés para ayudarlos a mejorar sus habilidades en inglés. El programa les permite a los estudiantes funcionar mejor en sus vidas diarias así como también prepararlos para cursos de crédito.


Cuando:  Viernes y Sábados                         Inicia:      Febrero 23, 24

Donde:    Centro de Padres                           Horario:   8AM  - 10:30AM



Preparación para el G.E.D.

Este curso está diseñado para revisar las habilidades para tomar exámenes, matemáticas, lectura, escritura, ciencias y estudios sociales para preparar a los estudiantes para aprobar una prueba de equivalencia de escuela secundaria aprobada por California.


Cuando:  Sábados                                           Inicia:      Febrero 24

Donde:    Biblioteca                                         Horario:   8AM  - 10:30A


Parent Institute for Quality Education

Instituto de Padres para una Educación de Calidad


El Currículum que se estudiará incluye:

· Apoyando el Desempeño Académico de los Adolescentes a través de sus cambios.

· Conectando el Éxito Académico y la Autoestima Positiva

· Superando los Obstáculos para el Éxito Académico

· Motivando la Lectura en los Adolescentes

· Entendiendo la Importancia de la Middle School como puente para la High School

· Preparándose para el Cumplimiento de los Requisitos


The Curriculum we will be studying includes:

· Supporting the Academic Achievement of Adolescents Through Their Changes

· Connecting Academic Success and Positive Self-Esteem

· Overcoming Obstacles to School Success

· Motivating Teenagers to Read

· Understanding the Importance of Middle School as a

Bridge to High School

· Preparing to Meet the University Admission Requirements


Cuando/When:   Jueves/Thurs

Inicia/Starts:       Feb. 22

Donde:    Centro de Padres

Horario:   8:30AM  - 10:30AM

Time         (Español)

                   5:30PM  - 7:00PM

                   (Español & English)



Computación Básica


Este curso prepara a los estudiantes con los fundamentos del hardware, el software y el lugar de trabajo de Internet. El tema incluye la introducción de componentes y funciones de computadoras básicas, que incluyen hardware, sistemas operativos, aplicaciones de oficina y navegadores web.


Cuando:  Sábados

Inicia:      Febrero 24

Donde:    Salón 104

Horario:   8AM  - 10:30AM




Preguntas? / Questions?

Mr. Javier González, AP

Ms. Virginia Flores, Par Resource Liaison

(323) 887-5400 / Parent Center




English as a Second Language (ESL NC 040) – This class is designed for Limited English Population students to help students improve their English skills.  The program allows learners to function better in their daily lives as well as prepare them for credit courses.


G.E.D Prep (ACADEMIC PREP 006CE) – This course is designed to review test taking, math, reading, writing, science and social studies skills to prepare students to pass a California approved High School equivalency test.


Basic Computers (VOC ED 003CE) – This course prepares students with the fundamentals of computer hardware, software, and the Internet workplace. Topic includes introducing basic computers components and functions, including hardware, operation systems, office applications, and web browsers.


Parent Center Events

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Nimitz and LAUSD Partner Together Against Bullying

Parents Please take a moment to fill out the survey below. This will give Nimitz and LAUSD valuable information about how LAUSD and Nimitiz is doing in implementing the initiatives


Parents Anti- Bully Survey